Frequently asked Questions


+ My script isnt executing.
Make sure you are using the correct loadstring, if you are then check alerts.
+ My script is crashing.
This is most likely do to your executor wait for an update, if not check the discord server for alerts.
+ I have a suggestion / bug report.
You can do both of those in our Discord server.


+ What is Premium?
You can find all the info on Premium in the Premium tab above.
+ Is it lifetime?
Yes, one purchase and never again.
+ I just brought it and it isnt working.
In some cases it can take 5-10 minutes to take affect.
+ I purchased Premium but i didnt recieve it.
If you dont recieve your product please open a support ticket.
+ Do the Premium commands work on everyone?
No, only non-Premium SwagMode users.
+ Can everyone see the Star emoji?
No, only SwagMode users.
+ How do you recieve the product?
After purchasing the product will appear as a empty key in your dashboard, press Redeem.


+ Support Tickets.
You can open Support tickets thru your dashboard.
+ Discord Server.
You can contant all of our staff thru our discord, Find it in navigation.

SwagMode Premium Features


⭐ LIFETIME SwagMode Premium
⭐ Immunity from Premium Commands.
⭐ SwagMode Star emoji next to your name in-game.
⭐ Guarenteed access to all future SwagMode affilated projects.
⭐ Access to 8 Premium Commands.


:drop [forces them to drop 7k]
:bring [brings them to you]
:freeze [stops them from moving]
:crash [freezes there game]
:kick [kicks them from your game]
:ban [this is a troll ban]
:benx [secret]
:fling [flings them]
You can substitute there username with a "." too affect all users

How to Purchase

The price of SwagMode Premium is 30$ or 5,000 Robux, Only purchase if you feel this price is reasonable.

Automated Purchases are currently DISABLED if you wish too purchase please join our discord server and contact any Staff Member (Red Username).